Ap’s Faux Rebellious Palestinian One

AP advances the absurdly false narrative that the terror assault on Congregation Beth Israel was not linked to the Jewish group. Repeatedly reporting an FBI assertion disassociating antisemitism as a motive, whereas ignoring statements from POTUS and other top officers citing antisemitism, the information agency also silences the ADL while giving ample voice to the antisemitism-peddling CAIR. A current Washington Post report on Amnesty’s anti-Israel report reads extra like a press release by the NGO than an precise news article. In NPR’s skewed protection, only Israelis are “ultranationalists.” Palestinian ultranationalists clamoring for terror attacks? For the second time in every week, Deutsche Welle corrects after wrongly reporting that a excessive-degree international meeting occurred in Tel Aviv when it truly happened in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. Also, its Arabic service amends after citing Tel Aviv as shorthand for Israel.

The worldwide media’s tendency to see Israel by way of the narrow lens of its presence within the disputed West Bank leads to bizarre outcomes at occasions. Thus, AFP falsely reports that “many” Ethiopian Israelis stay in the disputed territory, when in reality the actual figure is lower than 2 percent. A latest Washington Post headline gave the advantage of the doubt to a terrorist who was caught on film stabbing a Haredi man in Jerusalem. The newspaper’s headline tells us a lot about how the media is quick to blame Jews who defend themselves, while simultaneously minimizing anti-Jewish violence. A UN press launch manipulates secretive and unverifiable UN knowledge, prompting baseless media stories about Palestinians killed in settler violence.

Times Of Israel Corrects: Texas Hostages Escaped, Not Freed


In the span of 1 week, the Washington Post ran two opinion items calling out antisemitism within the halls of Congress and the campuses of our nation’s universities.It is past time for main U.S. newspapers to dedicate column space to the ominous rise of antisemitism. The Post’s decision to spotlight antisemitism is welcome, significantly, as CAMERA notes, due to the paper’s own, and often troubling, history. The Islamic Republic of Iran has ramped up its terrorist attacks, utilizing proxies to assault American troopers in Syria, to focus on Israeli businessmen in Africa and to hinder shipping lanes and international commerce. Yet, as CAMERA noted in the Washington Examiner, policymakers and the press have been slow to catch up. A current Washington Times report highlights the growing antisemitism of the far left. The newspaper must be commended for covering a subject that many retailers fail to handle. However, the report omitted key details about establishments and individuals who’re promoting hatred of Jews and the Jewish state.

CAMERA took to the pages of the Washington Examiner to highlight the position of PA President Mahmoud Abbas in inciting anti-Jewish violence. A recent Washington Post column absurdly compared a targeted Israeli strike against an alleged Hamas operational heart to an assault on the free press. But as CAMERA highlighted in JNS, there isn’t a such thing as a free press in an space ruled by an autocratic terrorist group. Further, there may be appreciable proof to counsel that Hamas did function out of the building in question.

Contradicting its personal earlier coverage as well as the precise geography, Haaretz erroneously stories that building within the E-1 area, between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim to the east, would divide the West Bank in two. CAMERA prompts correction of a Reuters article which erroneously reported that the bilateral peace accords require Israel to grant West Bank or Gaza residency status to 4,000 spouses of Palestinians. AFP corrects after erroneously reporting that Gaza “is fenced in on three sides by Israel.” In truth, Egypt sits on one of the three land borders. After CAMERA posts a critique and introduces the hashtag #SadSadIsrael, 1000’s of smiling Israelis ridicule a recent New York Times story about “what it means to be Israeli.” A Deutsche Welle Arabic headline falsely alleges that Israel approved construction of “new settlements.” But as the media outlet’s English headline reviews, the permits are for brand new houses in established settlements. The Israeli authorities’s current determination to designate six NGOs for his or her terrorist ties has sparked condemnations from press and policymakers.

Nabih Bulos remakes a terror group calling for violence, ethnic cleansing, and Islamic supremacy right into a civil rights movement pursuing the noble targets of recognition and equality. No, those cross-border Hamas tunnels into Israel aren’t for “smuggling.” Sébastien Roblin, a reporter specializing in worldwide affairs, safety and army historical past, additionally considerably overstates the territory’s unemployment fee. Sixty years ago, the founding father of Palestinian Arab nationalism, Amin al-Husseini, held a press convention in Beirut, denying any association with the recently captured high Nazi, Adolf Eichmann. And the whole incident, including press coverage of Eichmann’s seize by Israeli operatives, inform us a lot about antisemitism, each previous and present. A latest POLITICO “unique” purported to supply the main points of Rep. Andy Levin’s lately launched “Two-State Solution” Act. But the report, just like the legislation itself, omitted essential particulars in regards to the Arab-Israeli battle, worldwide law and Jewish history.