Not Off The Hook: Digital Camera Seeks Los Angeles Times Corrections On Gaza Fishing Zone

Kingsley repeats one Palestinian myth after another, and even interviews bigots and Holocaust deniers, giving them space to slander Israel. While Hamas launches 1000’s of rockets at Israel, the Washington Post’s opinion page decides to run a piece suggesting that the Jewish state should not exist. In so doing, the Post glosses over the long historical past of persecution that Jews, pre-Israel, endured while subject to the whims of Middle Eastern rulers. The magazine has finally come to grips with the legacy of its second-longest-running editor, James M. Wall. CAMERA has prompted a correction to a USA Today report that inaccurately claimed that the U.S. has offered military help to Israel since its founding. They favor antisemites in Congress, anti-Israel NGOs and multilateral our bodies, in addition to terrorist teams committed to the destruction of the world’s sole Jewish state.

The Washington Times Covers Antisemitism On The Far Left


CAMERA prompt corrections at Deutsche Welle, in both English and German, of an article which erroneously said that many Hamas members, together with senior chief Ismail Haniyeh, settle for the two-state solution. The place of Haniyeh and Hamas is Palestine “from the river to the ocean,” meaning no Israel. Patrick Kingsley, the British-born Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times, previously reported for the Guardian, a paper not known for fidelity to the reality, particularly in relation to Israel. The latest disturbances and fighting in Israel and Gaza have been the perfect opportunity for Kingsley to peddle Guardian-type agitprop to a brand new set of readers.

Cnn Arabic Corrects: “settlers Storming The Mosque” Turns Into “jews Coming Into The Sanctuary”

Yet, bizarrely the Post tried responsible former President Donald Trump for Tlaib’s conduct, effectively depriving her of independent company. But if Milbank is looking to affix blame for rising antisemitism, he can start along with his personal employer. On Monday, Aug. 30, 2021, Rick Wiles declared that Israel was answerable for the death of Christians at the hands of ISIS in Afghanistan and were making an attempt to begin a world struggle. Rhetoric like this has mobilized violence towards Jews for greater than 2,000 years, culminating in a mass killing of Jews in Europe through the Holocaust. This week, both Hamas in Gaza and Fatah’s Tanzim in the West Bank profit from what is outwardly AFP’s equal alternative tilt within the service of terror groups. It is an anti-Semitic hate group that masquerades as a Jewish social justice, peace-promoting organization and the mainstream media has been derelict in covering up for it.

Coverage of the Ben & Jerry’s compliance with the movement to boycott the Jewish state must provide news consumers full, correct info on the bigoted objectives and ideology of BDS, and the hazard their activism typically represents to the Jewish community. “One of the lessons that we be taught from finding out Jewish history,” the historian Paul Johnson observed, “is that anti-Semitism corrupts the people and societies possessed by it.” As CAMERA highlighted in JNS, Lebanon offers a tragic living proof. One hundred years in the past this May, the ruling British authorities in Mandate Palestine appointed Amin al-Husseini to the place of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. As CAMERA highlighted for Mosaic Magazine, the British had hoped to use Husseini for their very own ends. With its mendacious and one-sided activism, the United Church of Christ has been a adverse drive for peace within the Middle East and on Jewish life in the United States. With is ongoing polemics towards Israel, the UCC has brought wood to the hearth of antisemitism. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank rightfully called out Rep. Rashida Tlaib for her most recent antisemitic feedback.

Associated Press fails to make clear the fact that Israeli airstrikes against Hamas buildings within the Gaza Strip have been in response to Palestinian arson balloon attacks which sparked some 20 fires southern Israel. Multiple CNN gadgets in latest days erroneously reported that the Geneva Convention obligates Israel to vaccinate West Bank and Gaza Strip Palestinians. CAMERA prompts correction of Times of Israel articles which acknowledged as reality unverified Palestinian claims of possession of land where the unlawful outpost of Evyatar sits. Times of Israel commendably corrects the common false impression that while Jews can get well property they lost within the 1948 war, no comparable mechanism permits for Arabs to recover property misplaced in the same warfare.