Contradicting its own previous coverage in addition to the actual geography, Haaretz erroneously reviews that development in the E-1 space, between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim to the east, would divide the West Bank in two. CAMERA prompts correction of a Reuters article which erroneously reported that the bilateral peace accords require Israel to grant West Bank or Gaza residency standing to 4,000 spouses of Palestinians. AFP corrects after erroneously reporting that Gaza “is fenced in on three sides by Israel.” In reality, Egypt sits on one of the three land borders. After CAMERA posts a critique and introduces the hashtag #SadSadIsrael, 1000’s of smiling Israelis ridicule a current New York Times story about “what it means to be Israeli.” A Deutsche Welle Arabic headline falsely alleges that Israel permitted development of “new settlements.” But because the media outlet’s English headline stories, the permits are for brand new homes in established settlements. The Israeli authorities’s current choice to designate six NGOs for his or her terrorist ties has sparked condemnations from press and policymakers.

Cnn’s “jerusalem” Collection On The Six Day Struggle: When Jews Are Shelled, Arabs Suffer

Yet, many major media retailers could not worry to report Tehran’s threats. Haaretz’s English version at present commendably amends two reviews which whitewashed the crimes of Pakistani terrorist Aafia Siddiqui as “alleged,” when in reality she was convicted of tried homicide in 2010. Eviction of Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah who did not prove ownership or present cost of hire as protected tenants are the middle of massive international consideration. Despite the sober accountability to adhere to high requirements of professionalism, journalistic efficiency is at times as spotty as residents’ ownership bids. The newspaper will expend appreciable column space when Israel can probably be blamed for the death of a Palestinian.


CAMERA prompts correction after United Press International incorrectly reported that Israel has lengthy opposed a two-state solution. Israel’s long history of accepting deals that might have established a Palestinian state belie the misguided assertion. The Taliban wish to assuage Western concerns and secure aid, support and even diplomatic recognition. The Taliban, like other Islamist terrorist groups, such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, view the media as a way to their own diabolical ends. But, as CAMERA tells the Washington Post, journalists and media shoppers alike should not let themselves be hoodwinked by Islamist terrorists. The community apparently views the utter destruction of town, together with the Second Temple – a historic event of nice significance to all three Abrahamic religions – as just not as important to the story of Jerusalem as…Cleopatra. Despite introducing restricted cosmetic improvements to an article in regards to the Fursan Al-Aqsa video game, The Jerusalem Post nonetheless egregiously ignores critics who slam the game for its glorification of terror towards Jews.

The Washington Post’s ”˜world View’ Assaults The Abraham Accords

The Islamic Republic is the world’s main state sponsor of terrorism, and its arsenal of drones threatens the U.S. and its allies. A headline in Haaretz’s English version misquotes Haim Rubovitch and the accompanying article mangles a Moshe Yaalon quote with a long history of rampant misreporting adopted by notable corrections.

Since his passing, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, famend for his struggle against South African’s apartheid and racism, has been extensively eulogized for his accomplishments. Such calls, even underneath the guise of human rights, cover an underlying anti-Semitism. In order to weigh both sides of the controversy about anti-Jewish boycott and understand why so many search to combat it, one must be familiar with the boycott’s historical past. The Islamic Republic of Iran has called for the homicide of America’s former chief government and chief diplomat, amongst other American citizens.