How Often Should a Pool Be Professionally Cleaned?

How often should you clean your swimming pool? When it comes to pool maintenance, there is a well-established school of thought. Here’s the quick version:

Weekly Maintenance

At least once per week, you will need to use a skimmer to clean the pool’s surface. Regular skimming prevents dirt from sinking into your pool’s bottom. If you notice a lot of dirt on the surface, you might want to increase your skimming frequency to every two days.

The strainer basket in your pool should be cleaned at least once per week. To keep your pool floor clean, you will need to run your pool vacuum at least once a week. To prevent calcium buildup, make sure you scrub your pool’s tiles and walls. You should also check the pH level of your pool at least once per week. Your pool’s pH should be between 7.8 and 7.2. You will need to adjust the pH level if it is not right.

Monthly Maintenance

You can damage your pool filter if you don’t clean your filter enough or too often. You can also damage your pool filter if your pool filter isn’t cleaned enough.

Your pool filter manual is the best source of information. The instructions for maintaining your pool filter are provided by manufacturers. This includes how often it should be cleaned. Some filters require maintenance every month, while others require cleaning every three to four months.

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