What’s Disproportional Is The Criticism Of Israel

CAMERA prompts corrections at US News & World Report, Metro and Yahoo after the media shops illustrate a story masking the burial of terror victim Yehuda Dimentman with a 3-year-old photograph from a Palestinian funeral. International media retailers citing Israel’s 1967 capture of the Golan Heights from Syria fail to tell why. The truncated history classes ignore Syria’s 19-12 months exploitation of the strategic territory to launch assaults on Israeli civilians beneath. But as CAMERA notes in the Algemeiner, greater than half a decade later many within the press nonetheless can’t be troubled to accurately report the facts about Iran’s nuclear weapons program or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action . To fully recognize the scope of Iran’s malign affect, the press must cover the felony network that’s the IRGC.


The Washington Publish’s Opinion Page Calls Out Antisemitism

Silencing the voice of Palestinian social media posts selling homicide, AFP’s article suffers from an extreme lack of transparency, giving new meaning to meta reporting. A information report in POLITICO wildly misleads about antisemitism and the Israel-Islamist battle. As CAMERA tells JNS readers, POLITICO’s dispatch reads more like a partisan press release than precise journalism.

The international media’s tendency to see Israel through the narrow lens of its presence within the disputed West Bank results in bizarre outcomes at instances. Thus, AFP falsely reviews that “many” Ethiopian Israelis reside within the disputed territory, when in fact the actual figure is less than 2 percent. A current Washington Post headline gave the advantage of the doubt to a terrorist who was caught on movie stabbing a Haredi man in Jerusalem. The newspaper’s headline tells us much about how the media is fast responsible Jews who defend themselves, whereas simultaneously minimizing anti-Jewish violence. A UN press release manipulates secretive and unverifiable UN data, prompting baseless media stories about Palestinians killed in settler violence.

What A Yr At Digicam

With a categorical headline alleging a Swiss report determined that the Mossad bombed European corporations in a bid to stymie Pakistan’s weapons program, The Jerusalem Post “mistranslated” its personal careful English reporting on the Swiss investigation’s unproven suspicions. Jan. 20, 2022 marks the eightieth anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, by which fifteen men plotted the industrialization of the Holocaust over brandy and cigars. As CAMERA tells The National Interest, its classes about the nature of antisemitism stay related at present. CAMER prompts correction of an Associated Press article which erroneously placed the former American consulate within the eastern a part of Jerusalem. The Palestinian Affairs Unit of the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem was located on Agron Street, within the western part of town. Haaretz is the second media outlet to appropriate in current days after publishing the unfounded claim that elderly Palestinian-American Omar As’ad died whereas in Israeli military custody. In fact, the timing of his demise is unclear, with no proof that he died whereas in IDF custody.