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In The Wake Of Latest Gaza Warfare, Rolling Stone Piles On With Anti

Associated Press fails to make clear the truth that Israeli airstrikes in opposition to Hamas buildings in the Gaza Strip had been in response to Palestinian arson balloon assaults which sparked some 20 fires southern Israel. Multiple CNN items in recent days erroneously reported that the Geneva Convention obligates Israel to vaccinate West Bank and Gaza Strip Palestinians. CAMERA prompts correction of Times of Israel articles which stated as truth unverified Palestinian claims of ownership of land the place the unlawful outpost of Evyatar sits. Times of Israel commendably corrects the widespread misconception that while Jews can get well property they lost within the 1948 war, no comparable mechanism permits for Arabs to get well property lost in the identical warfare.

The New York Times Versus Its Personal Archive On Palestinian Killed In ‘protest’

The Islamic Republic is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, and its arsenal of drones threatens the U.S. and its allies. A headline in Haaretz’s English version misquotes Haim Rubovitch and the accompanying article mangles a Moshe Yaalon quote with a protracted historical past of rampant misreporting adopted by notable corrections.

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Yet the systemic torture and repression that Palestinians endure at the hands of their very own rulers is broadly ignored. Amnesty International has a protracted history of leveling maliciously false costs against Israel, and its leader Agnès Callamard needed to apologize after her bizarre anti-Israel tweets were publicized. So it’s only fitting that in its newest report, alleging Israel is an apartheid and illegitimate state, the very first line is a blatant and malicious lie, a quotation from Benjamin Netanyahu mangled so that it appears to assist Amnesty’s false charges.

Human Rights Watch has simply printed a report charging that Israeli strikes in Gaza during the May fighting included important war crimes. Too bad that the first case it cites, a bombing in Beit Hanoun, was actually due to an errant Palestinian rocket. CAMERA secured a correction from CNBC after Shepard Smith mistakenly claimed “UN Security Council has mentioned the Israeli occupation is a ‘flagrant violation’ beneath worldwide law.” Following communication with CAMERA Arabic, CNN’s Arabic website corrected two reports that had charged Jewish guests to the Temple Mount with “storming” the al-Aqsa Mosque.

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Kingsley repeats one Palestinian fantasy after another, and even interviews bigots and Holocaust deniers, giving them area to slander Israel. While Hamas launches thousands of rockets at Israel, the Washington Post’s opinion web page decides to run a chunk suggesting that the Jewish state shouldn’t exist. In so doing, the Post glosses over the lengthy historical past of persecution that Jews, pre-Israel, endured while subject to the whims of Middle Eastern rulers. The journal has lastly come to grips with the legacy of its second-longest-operating editor, James M. Wall. CAMERA has prompted a correction to a USA Today report that inaccurately claimed that the U.S. has provided army aid to Israel since its founding. They favor antisemites in Congress, anti-Israel NGOs and multilateral our bodies, in addition to terrorist teams dedicated to the destruction of the world’s sole Jewish state.

CAMERA immediate corrections at Deutsche Welle, in both English and German, of an article which erroneously said that many Hamas members, together with senior chief Ismail Haniyeh, settle for the 2-state resolution. The position of Haniyeh and Hamas is Palestine “from the river to the ocean,” that means no Israel. Patrick Kingsley, the British-born Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the New York Times, formerly reported for the Guardian, a paper not known for fidelity to the truth, particularly in relation to Israel. The current disturbances and combating in Israel and Gaza have been the right alternative for Kingsley to hawk Guardian-type agitprop to a brand new set of readers.