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Osama Dueij’s Dying Is Information; His Hamas Affiliation Less So

Terrorist groups and autocrats routinely use intimidation to affect press coverage to their advantage. As CAMERA noted in a current Washington Examiner op-ed, the Taliban, for example, has an extended history of threatening journalists. And, as a latest assault by Fatah towards two Washington Post reporters illustrates, the apply extends from Kabul to Ramallah and beyond. For years, readers have turned to the Jerusalem Post for context that’s usually missing from one-sided, anti-Israel reports in the international media. But recent protection of a demolition in Silwan consisted of a partisan report from Reuters. CAMERA prompts improved protection after Haaretz’s article on Midhat Saleh, reportedly killed by Israeli gunfire, initially omitted the previous Syrian MP’s involvement in anti-Israel assaults and his alleged ties to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.


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Nabih Bulos remakes a terror group calling for violence, ethnic cleaning, and Islamic supremacy right into a civil rights movement pursuing the noble objectives of recognition and equality. No, those cross-border Hamas tunnels into Israel aren’t for “smuggling.” Sébastien Roblin, a reporter specializing in international affairs, security and military history, also significantly overstates the territory’s unemployment price. Sixty years in the past, the founding father of Palestinian Arab nationalism, Amin al-Husseini, held a press convention in Beirut, denying any association with the recently captured prime Nazi, Adolf Eichmann. And the whole incident, together with press protection of Eichmann’s capture by Israeli operatives, inform us much about antisemitism, both previous and present. A current POLITICO “exclusive” purported to offer the small print of Rep. Andy Levin’s just lately launched “Two-State Solution” Act. But the report, like the legislation itself, omitted essential details concerning the Arab-Israeli battle, international regulation and Jewish history.

It isn’t any marvel the New York Times’ latest Op-Doc (op-ed documentary film) about Israel was a biased Breaking the Silence movie that demonizes and delegitimizes Israel’s army and Hebron’s Jewish residents. After all, the film represents the present mindset at a newspaper dedicated to villifying the Jewish state, its leaders and institutions. Even in every week of difficult occasions underscoring that Palestinians are more than simply victims, AP’s “contextualized fact” reporting leaves no room for Palestinian culpability.

The Quds Force engages in each thievery and terror, stealing from the Iranian people and others alike. And, as CAMERA tells the Algemeiner, oil smuggling is particularly lucrative and underneath reported. The Council on American Islamic Relations has had several workers and lay leaders convicted and/or deported on terrorism related expenses. But do not count on the Washington Post, which portrays the group as a “civil rights” group, to tell you any of that.

The history of Palestinian governance may be very transient, dating back only to the Nineteen Nineties. It takes a sure stage of journalistic incompetence, therefore, to repeatedly misreport this particularly quick chapter of history.

The World Council of Churches known as on the Palestinian Authority to rein in violence towards Christians within the West Bank. In doing so, it cited a well known Zionist web site, IsraellyCool, as certainly one of its sources of information. Amnesty International has accused Israel of “apartheid.“ But as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the NGO is guilty of a libel. AFP’s headline ignores that the three slain Palestinians were card-carrying members of a chosen terror organization, and its many captions solid details about their terror exercise as an Israeli declare though the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has overtly claimed them.

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez withdrew her vote in opposition to helping Israel replenish its anti-missile defense system, the New York Times framed the story as a conflict between ideas and highly effective “rabbis.” Bloomberg reverses trigger and effect by telling readers that Hamas suicide bombings and rocket assaults have been a response to Israel’s attempts to stop Hamas suicide bombings and rocket attacks.