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J Road Falsely Costs Israel With Proscribing Food, Drugs To Gaza

CAMERA prompts corrections at US News & World Report, Metro and Yahoo after the media outlets illustrate a narrative covering the burial of terror sufferer Yehuda Dimentman with a three-yr-old photo from a Palestinian funeral. International media shops citing Israel’s 1967 seize of the Golan Heights from Syria fail to tell why. The truncated historical past lessons ignore Syria’s 19-year exploitation of the strategic territory to launch attacks on Israeli civilians beneath. But as CAMERA notes within the Algemeiner, greater than half a decade later many in the press still can’t be troubled to precisely report the facts about Iran’s nuclear weapons program or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action . To totally respect the scope of Iran’s malign influence, the press must cowl the felony network that is the IRGC.

Alhurra Corrects: Israelis In Golan Aren’t ‘settlers’

The Quds Force engages in both thievery and terror, stealing from the Iranian folks and others alike. And, as CAMERA tells the Algemeiner, oil smuggling is particularly profitable and under reported. The Council on American Islamic Relations has had several employees and lay leaders convicted and/or deported on terrorism related costs. But don’t depend on the Washington Post, which portrays the group as a “civil rights” group, to tell you any of that.


In the span of 1 week, the Washington Post ran two opinion items calling out antisemitism within the halls of Congress and the campuses of our nation’s universities.It … Read More

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Osama Dueij’s Dying Is Information; His Hamas Affiliation Less So

Terrorist groups and autocrats routinely use intimidation to affect press coverage to their advantage. As CAMERA noted in a current Washington Examiner op-ed, the Taliban, for example, has an extended history of threatening journalists. And, as a latest assault by Fatah towards two Washington Post reporters illustrates, the apply extends from Kabul to Ramallah and beyond. For years, readers have turned to the Jerusalem Post for context that’s usually missing from one-sided, anti-Israel reports in the international media. But recent protection of a demolition in Silwan consisted of a partisan report from Reuters. CAMERA prompts improved protection after Haaretz’s article on Midhat Saleh, reportedly killed by Israeli gunfire, initially omitted the previous Syrian MP’s involvement in anti-Israel assaults and his alleged ties to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.


Eyes On Israel Curriculum

Nabih Bulos remakes a terror group calling for violence, ethnic cleaning, and Islamic supremacy right into a civil rights movement pursuing the noble objectives of recognition and equality. No, those cross-border Hamas tunnels into Israel aren’t for “smuggling.” Sébastien Roblin, a reporter specializing in international affairs, security and military history, also significantly overstates the territory’s unemployment price. Sixty years in the past, the founding father of Palestinian Arab nationalism, Amin al-Husseini, held a press convention in Beirut, denying any association with the recently captured prime Nazi, Adolf Eichmann. And the whole incident, together with press protection of Eichmann’s capture by Israeli operatives, inform us much about antisemitism, both previous and … Read More


Updated: Digital Camera Warns New Zealand Film Pageant About Misleading Zinshtein Documentary

AP advances the absurdly false narrative that the phobia assault on Congregation Beth Israel was not related to the Jewish group. Repeatedly reporting an FBI assertion disassociating antisemitism as a motive, while ignoring statements from POTUS and other prime officers citing antisemitism, the information agency also silences the ADL whereas giving ample voice to the antisemitism-peddling CAIR. A recent Washington Post report on Amnesty’s anti-Israel report reads extra like a press release by the NGO than an precise information article. In NPR’s skewed protection, only Israelis are “ultranationalists.” Palestinian ultranationalists clamoring for terror assaults? For the second time in every week, Deutsche Welle corrects after wrongly reporting that a high-level international assembly occurred in Tel Aviv when it truly happened in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital. Also, its Arabic service amends after citing Tel Aviv as shorthand for Israel.

The World Council of Churches called on the Palestinian Authority to rein in violence against Christians in the West Bank. In doing so, it cited a widely known Zionist web site, IsraellyCool, as one of its sources of information. Amnesty International has accused Israel of “apartheid.“ But as CAMERA tells the Washington Examiner, the NGO is responsible of a libel. AFP’s headline ignores that the three slain Palestinians have been card-carrying members of a designated terror organization, and its many captions solid details about their terror exercise as an Israeli claim although the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has overtly claimed them.… Read More

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In The Wake Of Latest Gaza Warfare, Rolling Stone Piles On With Anti

Associated Press fails to make clear the truth that Israeli airstrikes in opposition to Hamas buildings in the Gaza Strip had been in response to Palestinian arson balloon assaults which sparked some 20 fires southern Israel. Multiple CNN items in recent days erroneously reported that the Geneva Convention obligates Israel to vaccinate West Bank and Gaza Strip Palestinians. CAMERA prompts correction of Times of Israel articles which stated as truth unverified Palestinian claims of ownership of land the place the unlawful outpost of Evyatar sits. Times of Israel commendably corrects the widespread misconception that while Jews can get well property they lost within the 1948 war, no comparable mechanism permits for Arabs to get well property lost in the identical warfare.

The New York Times Versus Its Personal Archive On Palestinian Killed In ‘protest’

The Islamic Republic is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, and its arsenal of drones threatens the U.S. and its allies. A headline in Haaretz’s English version misquotes Haim Rubovitch and the accompanying article mangles a Moshe Yaalon quote with a protracted historical past of rampant misreporting adopted by notable corrections.

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POLITICO recently carried out an interview with Iran’s international minister, Javad Zarif. But as an alternative of asking the necessary powerful questions about the Islamic Republic’s assist for terror and its repression of the people residing under its imperial rule, the information organization punted. In a basic factual error, ABC’s David Muir final night referred to “Hamas firing greater than 150 rockets into Israel for the primary time in seven years.” In reality, Gaza terrorists have fired over 150 rockets at Israel at least half a dozen instances in the final seven years. In more than half a dozen op-eds and editorials, the Washington Post hides Iran’s role in frightening the latest Israel-Hamas War. Instead, the newspaper resorts to publishing anti-Israel tirades, including from a former PLO spokesperson, and from someone who should—and not too way back did—know higher.

Afp Silences Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan


Obituaries in Western news outlets famous that Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur was a founder of Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed, U.S.-designated terrorist group that guidelines Lebanon. But, as CAMERA wrote in The National Interest, Mohtashamipur was more than a founding father of one of many world’s largest terrorist organizations. He was, in reality, considered one of a handful of men who constructed the modern Middle East. Hamas, the U.S.-designated terrorist group that guidelines the Gaza Strip, is making inroads within the West Bank. The genocidal terrorist organization is seeking to supplant, Fatah, the motion that controls the U.S.-backed Palestinian Authority, and is gaining in popularity. Yet, as CAMERA … Read More