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technology updatesThe Construction Manager presented updates regarding the development process and a price range update. Dr. Laurie Putnam shall be giving an replace on the schedule of events planned for families, students, and workers at the new Tech. We are pleased to share our vision on the future of course of business with you. Follow our tech update with information and publications, interesting instances and articles.

Every time Google updates its browser, it publishes release notes aimed toward enterprises to highlight upcoming additions, substitutions, enhancements and modifications. Here’s a few of what’s coming. Tech High School Principal Charlie Eisenreich and Career and Technical Education Coordinator, Leah Sams; Scott Krenner from Cuningham Group; David Leapaldt from iiW and Pat Overom from ICS addressed the Board. At the Jan. eleven, 2017 Board of Education Work Session, district leadership, architects and construction challenge managers offered info on the method for the new high school to be built in South St. Cloud.

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Students will profit from the positioning’s woodlands, wetlands and stream. Pfluger reminded the group that design work for the brand new highschool actually began two years in the past with the original activity force, when participants in the course of agreed to concentrate on the woodlands characteristic of the brand new site. Continuing forward, the design for the new Tech High School has centered on a Woodland Quarry concept.

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