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Virtual Game World – You'll Believe it's Real

virtual gameHover Junkers was Stress Level Zero’s first commercial title. Play as a scavenger in a lifeless world. Fire your massive outdated guns on the enemy in 360 degrees of VR house.

You don’t simply expertise The VOID, you’re in it. Our mission is to create excellent escape video games in digital reality, set in the preferred gaming worlds of Ubisoft.

VGW has a wide range of options the place you can successfully operate your personal VR rides or participate in revenue share opportunities (link to contact us web page) with the most exciting digital reality concept on the planet. This is known as an ‘immersive expertise’. If you’ve watched movies similar to ‘The Lawnmower Man’ then you will be acquainted with the concept of a person exploring and interacting with objects in a virtual world. Technology has moved on since then so the expertise is likely to be even higher than that proven within the film. A whirlwind of activity has followed.

What is digital reality gaming?

Flipswitch VR is a whole-physique, totally immersive free-roam VR (virtual actuality) experience in Kansas City where you and your friends are taken inside the motion. irtual reality was an enormous deal at this 12 months’s E3 online game expo in Los Angeles. Oculus was there exhibiting off the most recent build of its Rift headset, Sony revealed a new multiplayer shooter demo for the Project Morpheus, and Microsoft announced a partnership with Valve, seeking to make Windows 10 the software platform for the … Read More