Technology In The Health Sector Has Developed

There is no end to technological growth, especially in the health sector. This is evidenced by the various inventions of medical devices that continue to become sophisticated and have good benefits for the body. It is hoped that some of the state-of-the-art health equipment that has been found can assist in diagnostic enforcement or support all existing treatments.

Electric aspirin

Migrants or one-sided headaches are often a scourge for most people and these things can interfere with daily work activities. The healing method that is often tried is to take medicines given by doctors. The discovery of new health equipment means you don’t need to be afraid of using electric aspirin. This equipment is very sophisticated and is made using a small electric transmitter which will later be able to make migraine complaints or headaches disappear suddenly.

In fact, electric aspirin has expertise in taking over chemical-based aspirin drugs. The creation of this medical device was made because of the side effects that often arise when consuming chemical-based drugs such as aspirin. If these drugs are taken in excess or continuously have an impact on degrading the function of the body. With such considerations, electric aspirin was made with the aim that it could be an innovation that is environmentally friendly and has reliable quality in treating migrants.

Anti-diabetic health plaster

Diabetes is expected to increase every year. Diabetes is a chronic disease and controlling blood sugar is the main key to this treatment. Control of blood sugar levels is generally attempted by using regular blood sugar tests. Frequently checking blood sugar can certainly be disturbing and must be done carefully so as not to be infected by various types of other disease-causing microbes.

Therefore, the Echo Therapeutic industry has been successful in developing anti-diabetic plasters. The plaster is applied by attaching it to the skin and the biosensor contained in the plaster will detect biochemical changes in the skin, especially if there are fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The data obtained will be sent wirelessly through a special monitor. So you no longer need to feel pain when checking blood sugar.

Sapiens catheter

This equipment is commonly used to perform heart surgery and install heart valves in patients who are in an emergency or a condition where they cannot go through the rigor phase during surgery. This catheter works by attaching the heart valve through the femoral artery to the damaged heart valve of the patient and then patching it.

Toothbrush of the camera sensor

It turns out that toothbrushes can also grow into more sophisticated health equipment. One of them is Oral-B Genius. This toothbrush created by Oral-B uses Position Detection technology by using a sensor placed on the toothbrush bristles. This genius toothbrush is also embedded with video camera technology that can identify the zone around it.

This modern toothbrush will work with smart phones when used. This modern health kit uses a fur brush that is so thick ensure that all tooth areas have been brushed properly and nothing has been overlooked. The sensors and cameras in the toothbrush will immediately provide feedback through an Oral-B App 4.1 mobile application, especially if you get a tooth area that is too brushed.

Health check-up robot (RoboDoc)

Check-up robot (RoboDoc) is a robot that was created as a health check-up tool equipped with modern technology. RoboDoc itself was created by 2 well-known industries, namely robot companies and InTouch Health, an industry that is engaged in the development of medical devices. Robodoc is named RP-VITA Remote Presence Robot, has the ability to monitor all vitality markers from one patient to another.

The working mechanism of RoboDoc itself is regulated by an application that regulates a surgical instrument to cut based on the X-ray results obtained. The drawback of this medical equipment is that even though an x-ray of the bones appears clear, sometimes the soft parts cannot always be seen. This can be a risk of complications if these soft parts are not clearly visible. Even though there are still many pros and cons to RoboDoc’s creation, this medical device always gives good results when carrying out precise health check-ups and accurate results.

Zeo sleep health system

This is a tool used for people who can’t sleep. This device is in the form of a small band that is worn on the head while sleeping with the aim that the sufferer can sleep soundly. The Zeo Sleep System can measure brain waves while you are dreaming in your sleep and synchronize them with a feature via Bluetooth. Equipment that is packaged into an application can control the quality sleep time that can be obtained every night. This subject is very suitable for people who tend to be unable to sleep or addicted to caffeine. Not only that, this tool is very efficient in controlling sleep quality time based on the entered behavioral data. This tool also provides clear tips and tricks to improve sleep habits based on your daily habits.